Is a Dual-Fuel Heat System Right for Your Business?

09 Sep

You can efficiently fight off the cold during winter days if you have a dual-fuel heat hump.  In order to have an effective and affordable alternative to other types of heating, businesses and commercial facilities can switch to dual-fuel heat systems.  There are more benefits to using dual-fuel heat pumps than the conventional ones.  Dual fuel heat pumps will enable your business to reduce energy consumption and power bills.  If you want to know if the dual-fuel HVAC system is right for your business, then check out the tips below.

Traditionally, there is one unit that blows both hot and cold air simultaneously.  During summer, when you need air conditioning, cold air is directed inside and hot air is expelled out.  During winter, the system reverses to blowing hot inside and cold air outside.   However, when the outside air is almost freezing, these units become ineffective and expensive to run.  With a dual system, your gas-powered furnace fires up and takes over the job of heating the air when the temperature is freezing outside.  You dual-fuel pump then draws in the heated furnace air and disperses in throughout the facility. Contact Edwin Stipe Inc. here.

Dual-fuel heat pumps are very versatile.  They are able to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and this means that the system in performing seamlessly at optimal levels, every season.  During the spring and autumn months when the climate is temperate, the heat pump itself can efficiently deliver the correct level of heating or cooling, without drawing expensive and environmentally damaging levels of electricity.  During winter, a standard system would struggle to keep your facility warm.  But if you have dual fuel systems, then cost-effective gas heating can fill in the gap.  Gas heating is used in cold countries since it is very efficient and very affordable as well.  The power required to pump the heated air is minimal, making this the perfect pairing of gas furnace and electric heat distribution. This has to be a good read:

There are some questions you need to answer to find out if your office or facility should have a dual-fuel heating system.  Most furnace systems can be adapted successful but an older furnace may not be compatible.  If you re required a new furnace, then this can still work is the cost of natural gas and electricity in your area is cheap.  You should contact a licensed HVAC contractor like Edwin Stipe Inc. in your local area and request a cooling and heating load analysis.  A system that is sized correctly for your needs translates to the lowest operational cost.  If your system is high-efficiency, then you can significantly reduce energy costs and all this new system to pay for itself fast.  If you add smart-technology thermostats, you can even lower power bills over time.

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